Hiring a catering service will help take your event to the next level but it’s important to choose your catering menu wisely based on the type of event you’re having. Whether it’s a birthday party, business event or a wedding, your catered menu should reflect your theme.

If you’re having a corporate event your catered menu should include foods that your guests will like and you can base it off where your corporate guests are coming from. For example, if your business meeting has to do with a company from the southern parts of the United States, you can select foods from that region and have it on your menu. Fried chicken, cornbread and grits will be delicious and a warm welcome gesture. It’s important to keep your guests happy because the more pleased they are, the more they will want to conduct business with you.

Weddings are very special and the great thing about this event is that the menu can reflect the preferences of the bride and groom who will select food that they and their guests will enjoy. Wedding guests consist of family and friends, you don’t need to impress them in the way that you would at a corporate event so you can choose a menu with foods you love, including tasty desserts. You can select a menu that incorporates food from your culture or a traditional menu that is served at most weddings.

If you’re hosting a sporting event, you can select a menu that matches the sports theme and cater to foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, chilli and so on. This type of menu is fun and will reflect the event perfectly as they go hand in hand, meaning everyone, both the participants and the guests, will have a great time.

Whatever menu you select, you must make sure you provide the catering company with all of the event details so they can prepare the food accordingly. The number of guests is very important because it will allow them to prepare enough food for everyone. Your event will not be very successful if there is a shortage of food because the last thing you want is for some guests to go home hungry. Always remember that if guests are happy with the food, they will be very happy with you and the event because food is a big part of any function.

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