Business or corporate events bring people together to network and build interpersonal relationships outside of an office. From seminars to appreciation events or product launches, corporate events have the same goal – to engage and increase productivity. The best way to help encourage this is through delicious catering! Business events can sometimes last for quite a while, and that’s why it’s imperative that food is served and served right!

An excellent catering service can make your event and company stand out from the rest. Here’s how to make your corporate catering stand out for your next event:

Diet and Allergy Accommodations

The cchances are that not everyone in the office can eat the same foods, and that’s very important to accommodate. Catering companies will often offer gluten-free alternatives or vegetarian dishes on their menus. You want to ensure your event is able to be enjoyed by everyone. Include dishes that are nut-free or low-calorie for guests on a certain diet. Hire a catering service that offers a variety of meals and appetizers, as well as desserts for the full experience.

More Variety From Smaller Portions

Guests seem to prefer having more options to choose from and taking small portions from each. This allows them to try a sample of everything and find out what they prefer without committing to an entire plate of one dish. Guests will remember the dishes they loved which will spark conversation amongst others.

Choose A Local Catering Company

Including fresh, local and homemade meals and pastries is guaranteed to be popular with guests. Knowing where the food is coming from and who it’s made by makes it known that you put thought, care and effort into choosing a good caterer. Local catering services often put more love into their food by making everything from scratch and by hand. Opting for a catering company that uses real, healthy ingredients is the best way to go.

Detail Oriented

Food isn’t explicitly made to be consumed, but also appreciated. The aesthetics of a beautiful cake, layered sandwich, or macaroons can entice a guest to try it simply based on how good it looks. Choosing a catering company that pays attention to detail, design, and taste is crucial. A well-crafted meal, appetizers, and dessert is the centerpiece of conversation and what brings guests together.

Experience & Professionalism

A chef and baker’s background qualifications are actually more significant than how long they’ve been in business. Skills, passion, and knowledge of the food industry will be reflected in the food served. That’s why it’s so important to do your research on a catering company to get a grasp of their experience.

At Casa Romana Sweets, our team of professional and passionate bakers ensures high-quality, amazing-looking sweets and meals. Our bakery in Oakville and Burlington was started by Cristina Macavei and Carmen Vasilescu who completed the Cake Design Program at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts. Cristina and Carmen, along with the amazing staff, bring the skills, detail, and hard work to all catering and bakery needs.

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