Have you ever wondered why eggs are used in baking cakes in Oakville? This article is here to help you answer that question.

Eggs are very versatile and functional. Eggs can be used in many ways in many dishes, however, it is mostly used for the purposes of firmness, flavour, binding and leavening. Eggs can play a very important role in making sure your cake turns out right.

When using whole eggs in your cake, the protein structure will be added to the cake, coupled with the starches found in eggs, you can get some good results. However, if you add in too much egg, it could become chewy, dry or tough in texture. Since most of the egg contains water, it will also add the perfect amount of moisture to your cake; however, if it is not properly measured, this can also cause the opposite effect.

Another function of eggs in baking cakes is browning. This browning occurs because of a Maillard reaction, which is what results when proteins are heated up. They can also give a yellowish shade to doughs and batters. They can also give your cakes a range of different flavours, the fat causes this from the yolk, which can help absorb other flavours when baking. This fat can also help in shortening gluten.

Egg yolks comprise about a third of the egg and give shortening and tenderizing properties to your cake which helps add depth and colour. Batters that are made from just yolks are usually rich in fatty acids and vitamins, with a more pronounced egg flavour.

Egg whites are 86% water, and make up most of the volume of the egg without any calories. This is why egg whites are a popular alternative to using the whole egg. This part of the egg causes a unique drying effect in the cake since water activates gluten without balancing the fat from the yolk.

White cakes usually highly rely on the addition of egg whites since they lack the colour and flavour of egg yolks. This helps bring more natural flavours to the forefront. However, you can still get that beautiful browning thanks to the chemical reactions.

The texture that occurs in a cake usually depends on the ratio of liquid to egg that is used.

Using eggs in cakes is one of the most multipurpose and malleable ingredients to bake cakes with.

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