When it comes to your kitchen and pantry, there are some items that are essential to have and others that are not as important. Decluttering is not as challenging as it may seem and a great way to determine which items are essential and which ones are not is by figuring out how often you use them. Items that are used daily or weekly are considered essential because without them you may not be able to cook, bake or prepare the foods that you normally make.

These items should be easily accessible while other tools that are used far less often do not have to be within reach. If something gets used a couple of times a year, it is not a must have item and your pantry can do without it. Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to their kitchens, so the following are just some examples of items that most people who love baking cannot live without:

Cake pans and baking sheets

While there are many different shapes and sizes, it’s best to narrow it down to your favourite so that you can have your preferred size of baking sheets handy. When it comes to pans, non-stick ones are ideal and it’s likely that you’ll have them in various sizes so that you can bake the right cake depending on the event or occasion. If you treat these items well and care for them properly by hand washing them, you’ll have your cake pans and baking sheets for the rest of your life because they are meant to last.


These are basic and standard items that every kitchen needs because they are versatile and necessary for everyday activities in the kitchen. Rubber spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, knives and measuring spoons are all things you need easy access to because you will need them when baking. Each utensil serves a different purpose, including scraping the sides of a bowl or folding batter, so every item is a must.

Decorating ingredients

If you love to bake, you’ll need a variety of decorating elements, including sprinkles, food coloring, edible glitter, edible powders and more. Decorating is part of any baking project and most people consider it the best part, so make sure you have all the necessary ingredients to help you with this fun aspect.

Stand mixers

If you bake often, you may want to invest in one of these because they will help you get the job done fast and are very helpful. Your arms will no longer suffer from all the mixing and stirring, so consider this item if you love to bake all the time.

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