Birthdays are special occasions for everyone. Whether you are celebrating your birthday or it’s a special day for someone you love, one most important things about it is having the right birthday cake. You may have an option to choose from Oakville’s best birthday cake stores, but every cake store has a specific style of baking and a unique flavor and taste it is known for.

Whether it is choosing a gourmet cake or a custom-made cake for your birthday, most of us make sure that there is some connection to the choice of flavor and design we choose. If you are confused about what kind of cake suits your birthday boy or girl’s personality and taste, here are some examples of the best birthday cakes:

Gourmet Cakes

If you are looking for a rich, creamy, and flavor-infused treat, gourmet European cakes are a perfect choice. They are a handmade cake variety with oodles of goodness and taste from traditional and original recipes, offering you a perfect experience of taste, class, and creativity. Casa Romana Cake Boutique, the best cake shop in Oakville, uses only natural and high-quality ingredients without preservatives to create a fine-tasting cake. Here are some of our customer’s favorite gourmet cakes:

Casa Romana

The Casa Romana is an elegant, rich dessert in Oakville. It is perfect for those who enjoy the velvety texture of soft walnut meringue and chocolate ganache. Nothing beats the luxury and class of this dessert for your special occasion.

Delice Royal

Delice Royal is a favorite among cake connoisseurs. Whether it is the combination of soft walnut meringue and light vanilla cream or the topped layer of coffee-soaked biscuits, it is hard to decide what captivates your taste buds more in this dessert.


Not just any other chocolate cake, but we are talking about a splendid blend of chocolate buttercream-filled chocolate cake. What makes it even more of a stunner? A Rum syrup soaking coated with chocolate.


The words Tiramisu are reminiscent of delicate flavors of layers of Mascarpone combined with ladyfinger biscuits. Just team them up with a contrast of espresso and cocoa powder.

Custom Cakes

Birthdays are occasions to tell someone that they are so special. What better than a customized, personalized cake? At Oakville’s best cake shop, custom cakes are a hit when you want to infuse theme, class and flavour in your dessert. Nothing says happy birthday more than a custom made cake. Whether it is a housewarming, a first birthday, a baby announcement, or an important event, a themed cake is likely to be a showstopper at your birthday party. At Casa Romana Sweets, our bakers work closely with you to use top-of-the-line equipment, the best baking techniques, and delicious flavors to ensure that your cake looks like a piece of art and tastes amazing. No matter what the event is, Casa Romana Sweets ensures that the cake makes it even more special.