Decorating a cake in Oakville is very fun, and the right ingredients will ensure you get the results you are after. Fresh and high-quality products will help take your cake to the next level, and its appearance will stand out.

You should have common ingredients: cake flour, white granulated sugar, whole milk, eggs, colouring gels to shade frostings, and baking soda. Unsalted butter is ideal for baking and mixing frostings, and confectioners’ sugar is also needed for frostings and icings. Eggs should be at room temperature when baking a cake, and pasteurized egg whites should be used for royal icing.

Edible embellishments are also great, so you can include chocolates, fruits, nuts, hard candies and marzipan, which can be used for modelling. If you really want to go one step further, you can also place non-edible embellishments like fresh flowers on your cake.

One of the most important steps when decorating a cake is to first prepare everything that you need. This will allow you to decorate successfully, and the process will be a lot more enjoyable, so round up your ingredients and don’t forget to consider the four main components, including the cake, the frosting, the filling and the decorations.

The frosting is not only delicious but also fun to use, and this component will help maintain the freshness of your desserts. The terms icing and frosting are essentially the same, and you can use buttercream, glazes or whipped cream to decorate your cake.

You can even customize this aspect, so this is where you can get creative. In terms of filling, you can use lemon curd, which is a great choice or chocolate ganache or jams and jellies.

Decorating really comes down to personal preference, so you can create a cake that’s modern and minimal by using only frosting and no other décor. If you want more of an elevated presentation, you can add borders to the top and bottom of your cake, which you can do through piping, and if you prefer old-school décor, go ahead and add rainbow sprinkles to your cake.

Piping is a really great tool that will allow you to play around with different designs, so this is one aspect you can really have fun with. You can also add fresh fruit as décor to enhance the flavour of your cake or add chopped pieces of chocolate for decadence.

It’s important to note that the proper tools will make a world of difference when decorating, so make sure you have a turntable, cake board, spatulas, piping bags and tips and extra bowls. When you’re equipped with the right tools, decorating will be a breeze.

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