If you are planning to bake a cake in Oakville for a special occasion for the first time, most people will go to the baking aisle in their grocery store to buy a box of cake mix, along with other simple ingredients to mix in. While there is nothing wrong with making a cake from a boxed mix, and you can even make some improvements to the boxed mix, if you are really into baking, you might want to give baking one from scratch a shot.

Baking a cake from scratch is not very difficult, but there are some important things to keep in mind to avoid major baking mistakes or disasters. Even if you have been baking cakes from scratch for a while, you could have one issue that you can’t seem to fix each time you make one.

If this is the case, here are some must-know tips for baking a cake for beginners and bakers.

Let all of the Ingredients Come to Room Temperature

Batter mixes the best when all of the ingredients are at room temperature. Melted butter and softened butter are actually not the same. Cold butter will not mix well in a cake mix, and melted butter can come with its own set of problems. Softened butter means that it is not yet melted, but it is soft enough to mix with the other ingredients easily. As for the eggs, you won’t want to leave these out for too long before you use them, but allowing them to come to room temperature before you mix will also allow them to blend with other ingredients well.

Don’t Skip Steps in the Recipe

Every step in a recipe has its own purpose and it is in there for a reason, so make sure that you follow all of them. Read your recipe over before you begin so that you don’t miss out on key ingredients or must-do steps in the baking process.

Gather Up all of Your Ingredients and Prepare Your Kitchen

Take a look at your recipe and bring your ingredients out onto the counter before you begin. This helps to make sure that you have everything you need within reach and allow your ingredients to come to room temperature. Having your ingredients, cake pans, bowls and everything else you will need will help make things much more efficient as well.

Move Your Oven Rack to the Centre

Your centre rack will give your cake the most even heat distribution, which will make sure that it bakes correctly.

Preheat Your Oven

Many people question whether or not they really need to preheat the oven before they place their food inside. If you do not preheat your oven, your cake will bake at a lower temperature for the entire time your oven comes to the right temperature. This will change how your cake turns out in the end.

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