Flowers are the classic way of enhancing not just the beauty of a freshly baked cake but also the beauty of the occasion. Whether its a wedding, a birthday celebration, an anniversary, graduation or promotion, flowers have traditionally brought a smile on the faces of millions of people since time immemorial. It’s easy to see why they find a special place on cake decorations. What remains a matter of discussion is whether the flowers used for cake decor should be real or sugar.

Fresh Blooms for Cake Decoration

Flowers on cakes look beautiful, but let’s get real! Not all flowers are good for consumption. Some are highly toxic; others are coated with pesticides that are damaging to your health. It’s important to select the right ones for decoration instead of randomly using any to compliment the cake. Use flowers that are grown for the purpose. Use them especially to garnish multi-tiered “naked cakes” or those with exposed layers and minimal garnish.

Browse through the net for locally grown flowers fresh from the farm or search for a certified flower farm to pick the perfect flowers for your cake. From traditional roses to colourful pansies, calendulas, nasturtiums, hibiscus, dandelions, violets and sunflowers, there’s a wide range of colourful flowers that elevate a cake to the next level.

Check with a florist to see if they are safe options for consumption before you arrange them on your cakes. Consider where it will be served, and how long it will take to be cut. Fresh blooms won’t hold up for too long in warm weather. To keep them fresher for longer, insert them into individual stem holders that you can find in florist shops. Avoid stacking them directly into the cake.

For a romantic look, arrange colourful flowers like a crown around the base of the cake or arrange them spiralling down multi-tiered cakes. Consider turning them into edible candied flowers by brushing the petals with beaten egg whites and sprinkling confectioner’s sugar on the petals. But the biggest problem with fresh blooms on cakes is that they don’t last long.

Handcrafted Edible Blooms

If you like flower decorations on your cake, nothing tops sugar-coated, handcrafted edible ones. They can be created in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, won’t wilt and taste as good as they look. Edible flowers are also more budget-friendly.

Sugar flowers can look as real as the real ones in the right hands. They work well with most themes and don’t carry the risk of being toxic. The only thing that you may want to consider is their price. Sugar flowers are painstakingly handcrafted petal by petal so they cost more, quite expectedly.

On the brighter side, you can match the colours of your cake or theme and create any design you like. They don’t wilt and stay intact until you bite into their delicious sweetness. Whether the flowers are in season or not, the flower of your choice will garnish your cake looking as fresh as you visualized in your mind. Just make sure you order your sugar flowers and cake from professionals who know how to create the best.

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